Naked AirFried Chicken Wings

Ever since I got my first air fryer some three years ago, I've been air frying food at least twice a week. It's one of my favorite small appliances!

2 lbs Chicken wings
1 tbsp garlic powder 
1 tsp onion powder 
1 tbsp old bay seasoning
1 tsp adobo seasoning 
1/2 tsp sazón

  • Clean chicken with lemon juice and rinse with cool running water
  • Place is a large bowl and add all seasonings luster in the ingredients 
  • Using a wooden spoon or silicone spatula, combine the chicken with seasoning so that each piece is well coated with the seasoning blend. 
  • Let sit for at least 15 minutes. 
  • Place chicken wings flat in your air fryer. Do not place them on top of each other. You most likely will have to do 2 batches depending on the size of your air fryer. 
  • Select the chicken setting on your  air fryer and set timer to 22 minutes
  • At 11 minutes open the air fryer and flip the wings over
  • Replace the fry basket into the air fryer for another 11 minutes. 

*Times are approximate so be sure to monitor the progress closely so as not to overcook or burn!!